As you may already know that Pokemon Go is a viral game among the people of all ages. Pokemon Go is a very addictive game, and it makes an individual play it again and again. In Pokemon Go game a person is instructed to find out Pokemon wherever he/she can. However, finding Pokemon may seem hard to a lot of people so, in regards to this case, A developer has built a mobile application which makes the job easy to spot untraceable Pokemon. The name of that application is Pokezz. This application helps the player to get the exact locations of Pokemon. This application has ample of pros which every Pokemon Go addict will love to know about. The very prior feature is, this app notifies the player whenever any of the Pokemon get disappears from the given location. Pokemon Go is a GPS based game, and it looks for Pokemon with the help of GPS. There are plenty of applications like PokeZZ but, according to our personal experience, PokeZZ is one of the best app available in the market. It stands at the top of their competitors. But still, if you’re interested in checking out an alternative of PokeZZ then we would love to recommend you Pokemap app as it is the only application which we consider an excellent alternative of PokeZZ for more options you can scroll down this page.



In a handful of issues, the PokeZZ app may seem not to be working correctly. In this case, one can go for other alternatives of PokeZZ app. For instance, you can try Pokemap app. It might work properly on your phone. Pokemap works the same way as PokeZZ does. It has all the necessary features which will help you to trace Pokemon easily. So, from this paragraph, you must have become familiar with the necessary information of PokeZZ app.


5 Best Alternatives To PokeZZ App

Pokezz Alternatives
Pokezz Alternatives


In the beginning, we would like to describe that Pokedex is a very similar app to PokeZZ App. It is also used for tracing Pokemon. It comes in working as a location browser to discover the Pokemon(s). Pokedex helps its installers to divide Pokemon into different-different categories, so it becomes easy for them to find Pokemon within their area.


PokeSpawn is also considered as one of the best alternatives to PokeZZ app. We have personally used it, and we had no problems during its usage. It also gives the exact location of Pokemon(s) as the Pokezz App does. The similarity does not end here, and it too alerts the player if the Pokemon gets disappear. PokeSpawns is a must try app, this will surely help you to locate Pokemon.


We have added PokeSnipper at number #3 because there’s a reason behind it. PokeSniper has few other features such as it allows the player to Poke, Snipe, Find & Catch their desired Pokemon. PokeSniper provides premium services for those people who need some extra features. It has been observed that people who have bought the premium services from Pokesniper have started spending more time in the game.


PokiiMap is an excellent alternative to PokeZZ app. PokiiMap is available in the form of a Map. After installing PokiiMap on your phone, you will be instructed to link it with the official Pokemon Go game by using your Gmail account. The PokiiMap has a filter which will show all the available Pokemon nearby you. PokiiMap will also show you the details of every PokeGo.

PokeGo Snipers

Last but not the least, we have listed PokeGo snipers at number #5 because it is incredibly a good alternative to PokeZZ app. We recommend everybody to go with PokeGo Snipers in case none of the above apps works with your phone. PokeGo is available for both the operating systems (Android / iOS ). Install PokeGo snipers and find out all the nearby Pokemon and catch them all. PokeGO Snipers provides you real feeds which will make your Pokemon Go gaming experience better.

Poke ZZ is an amazing app which will help the players to locate their desired pokemon. No matter which pokemon the player is desiring , Poke ZZ will help its player all the way. People are loving this app, as after installing it they are able to trace as many pokemon they want. This app has helped them in a very different manner to trace their desired pokemons. It is believed that soon all the pokemon go game lovers will install PokeZZ into their phone for tracing whatever pokemon they want to trace. Its recommended to share this app with all your pokemon go game lover friends as they will love to use it. Having Poke zz in those phones which have pokemon go game already is like having a secret cheat code to find out all the pokemons.

Pokezz is getting more popular now, it has crossed lot of download which clearly shows that how popular this game has becoming. The Pokemon craze is still on upon many people. People are still looking for pokemons and Pokezz is playing a vital part in finding those Pokemons for them. It is expected that soon Pokezz will be launching a new update and by the release of that update the little bugs will get fixed and the user experience will get more superior. Just in case you’re looking to download Pokezz then you can google “Pokezz download” and you will find plenty of links for downloading the app.